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Anti spam lotus notes

anti spam lotus notes - Your main spam blocker probably catches around 96% of spam that you receive in your inbox. But, the other 4% can be frustrating to deal with, and things like newsletters can clog your system, hindering your email experience. There is a way around this, however. An anti spam Lotus Notes review reveals that the other 4% can be managed, and false positive can be eliminated. Mail that has been considered spam is examined and not counted as such if there has been any correspondence with the sender at any time.

Newsletters can be sent to a special folder, one labelled as newsletters. Once identified as a newsletter, future issues will be sent to that folder. This means they will not have to be manually handled until ready to be read and/or acted on. You are freed up from the administrative duties involved with sorting. Newsletters have been estimated to comprise approximately 50% of email after spam has been removed. Thus, this service can save an enormous amount of time.

The program searches your sent box and notes any preferences you have set up to determine who you wish to get mail from. Emails from those senders are moved to the preferred inbox, letting you address them first. The categories are divided into preferred inbox, other inbox, newsletters, and junk. This allows you to handle the important email immediately and postpone handling others until you are ready to do so.

The software is quick to install and easy to use. It works with any Lotus Notes client, including Apple Mac and Linux. It has the ability to be up and running within minutes after download. This gives you immediate total control of your email traffic, virtually eliminating all unwanted mail, and organizing newsletters to allow you to filter them and handle them in your own time, without having to wade through them in your preferred inbox mails.

Reports that are provided give statistics about what is being managed. Administrators can get data on the percentage of mail being tagged as spam as well as the number of users enabled in the preferred inbox. There is no configuration or maintenance required, and no client-side software is required. This makes for easy installation and administration.

The anti spam Lotus notes review identifies several features of this program make it exceptional in handling mail needs. There is a feature that allows it to be marked for later follow up and even to indicate what the follow up should be. Inbox messages can be sorted by message threads, making it easier to follow a line of conversation and also mark individual emails for action. These follow-up actions can be made available to anyone having access, so that one person can decide the follow-up action and another can be responsible for following up. Preferences can be set by the individual involved for personal use, or they can be set by an administrator to be applied to a group of users. These can even be locked so that they can only be changed by the administrator.

Other features include the ability to archive mail, sort mails contained in the inbox, and see details to determine if you are the only recipient or if it was sent to a group of recipients. When sending messages, a warning is provided if you fail to enter a value in the subject. Also, you can readily see the security level of the email, whether digitally signed, encrypted, or possibly both.

The industry standard for defining SPAM states that it is unsolicited bulk email. Unsolicited means that there is no verifiable indication that the recipient has given permission for the mail to have been sent. There is also no indication that the sender has any relationship with any of the recipients. Bulk mail just means mail sent to a group of recipients instead of an individual. Bulk mail is not necessarily unsolicited. It may simply be the first contact with a group of recipients.

Filters that sort and prioritize emails include the ability to filter banned words, group banned or acceptable email senders, designate rule-of-thumb guidelines, and utilize sophisticated techniques to determine what to allow and what to block. These filters sort the mail without it having to be done manually. False positives are few as a result of them. The anti spam Lotus Notes review reveals the benefits that this mail service can bring to a business or individual in efficiently handling emails.